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What is a PPY Class like?

 A PPY class is playful, active, creative, nurturing, relaxing and welcoming!

Inspired by Montessori , traditional Yoga practices and mindfulness, I am passionate about educating, empowering and exercising the WHOLE child working to support their physical, intellectual, emotional, social and mental well-being in playful ways.


I do this by:

  • engaging children through age-appropriate themed classes

  • using sensory props, stories, and music

  • provide aerobic activity and lots of movement

  • introducing simple breathing tools and mindfulness techniques

  • creating opportunities for positive social interaction between children and either their grown ups or peers through games and group or partner poses.

PPY classes offer a safe place for children to learn tools to help self-regulate their emotions as well as learn about who they are as individuals, ready to face life's challenges.


I pride myself on offering classes that adapt to suit the needs (including physical , emotional or behavioural needs) and interests of the children and families joining me so that everyone has an opportunity to be included and access yoga and mindfulness in a way that works for them. I would welcome families to get in touch to see how I can help them or their children access all the wonderful benefits of yoga.

We celebrate the diversity of families and children in our community and welcome you all to come along and join us.

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