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Why should children and their families practise yoga and mindfulness?

Yoga and mindfulness have so many benefits for children and adults alike. Here are just a few examples:

  • Can help develop children’s balance, strength and coordination

  • Supports healthy development and regulation of respiratory, digestive, nervous and circulatory systems

  • Optimises respiratory system function by teaching children and their grown ups to use full, deep breathing techniques

  • Can help children (and their grown ups!) sleep better

  • Develops healthy, respectful relationship with themselves and other people

  • It is non-competitive and can develop a sense of compassion and cooperation

  • Can develop or improve focus & concentration levels

  • Can improve growth mindset (i.e. resilience and perseverance)

  • Can nurture the bond between children and the important grown ups in their lives

  • Can help foster self-esteem and confidence

  • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system (as opposed to fight or flight mode when stressed or anxious) by using breath work in playful, child-friendly ways

  • Teaches emotional resilience and self-regulation skills through breath work, fun yoga poses, games and relaxation.

  • Empowers caregivers to support their child when they experience big emotions by providing them with tools to help support them (e.g. breathing techniques, games, songs)

  • And of course it's FUN and playful!

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